Running journal during multidimensional acquisition
During multidimensional acquistion with stream option on (stream time checked), I am trying to use a Journal to trigger TTL to turn on light (a different wavelength from acquisition wavelength) briefly (say 20 msec). It appears that multidimensional acquisition disregards the Journal, and just acquires images. I attached some of images of acquistion condition, and the camera is overlapping mode. Without checking stream time, multidimensional acquisition runs the journal, indicating that the journal itself is fine. How do I get this around?

I know that streaming acquisition can turn on a specific wavelength light in certain frames. But I want to control exact duration of the light.

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Dear MikyKoh,
Please provide your software system ID and version.
Multi Dimensional Acquisition does not provide for journals during streaming. Instead you should use a journal that acquires the stream with the shutter closed. The journal sets the illumination setting for acquisition. Configure Stream Acquisition so that Trigger component positions at specific frames is checked. On the Trigger tab you can then set the frame to start trigger component Position Pin to the appropriate frame and the reverse of the pin at another frame.
Finally at the end of the steam you can take the stream result and overwrite the image stack that was the result of the Multi Dimensional Acquisition stream.

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