MetaXpress crashing
Hi all, 

I've developed a couple of custom modules as per the instructions in this thread . I find that when I run it on a single image it works, however, when I try to run it on my time course the program crashes. This also occurs when I try to run any other custom module, even very simple ones such as detect blobs + measure GFP. 

Bit more info, I disable log to database and open an excel log before starting. I have 600 images per well and am trying on a single well. 

Greatly appreciate any help
Hi Francisco,

I'm sorry to hear about the crashing frustration.

Please check that your computer and database meet our computer requirements, including the language requirements (U.S. English for both the MetaXpress computer OS and the database software e.g. Microsoft SQL Server).

If you have checked this and are still having issues, please send me a PM (private message) or email us at so that we can continue to troubleshoot.


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