ImageXpress® High-Content Screening Systems Webinars
A number of recorded webinars can be found at this link:

Implement high-throughput 3D image analysis for samples from subcellular structures to spheroids
Oksana Sirenko and Steven Luke, Molecular Devices

Multidimensional high-throughput imaging with the new ImageXpress Micro Confocal High-Content Imaging System
Grischa Chandy and Jayne Hesley, Molecular Devices

Setting up 3D spheroid assays using high-content imaging
Oksana Sirenko and Jayne Hesley, Molecular Devices

Hallmarks of cancer - detect and quantify cell death signatures with high-content imaging 
Oliver Kepp, INSERM; Jayne Hesley, Molecular Devices

Simple and flexible high-content imaging enabling quantitation of complex biological events 
Vicki Racicot and Grischa Chandy, Molecular Devices

Pushing the boundaries of high-content imaging
Grischa Chandy and Jayne Hesley, Molecular Devices

Contemporary automation and high content imaging tools for screening stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes
Michael Kowalski, Beckman Coulter Life Sciences; Jayne Hesley, Molecular Devices.

High-content screening for identifying microRNAs and compounds inducing cardiac regeneration and toxicity
Miguel Mano, ICGEB Trieste High Throughput Screening Facility; Evan Cromwell, Molecular Devices

High-content imaging of cell sheet morphogenesis utilizing in vitro tissue models 
Alison McGuigan, University of Toronto

Application of Molecular Devices HCA tools for antibody drug discovery at Regeneron 
Julian Andreev, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals

Preparing assays for genome-wide RNAi screening using high-content microscopy
Stephen Brown, The Sheffield RNAi Screening Facility

Live cell imaging to investigate the regulation of cell division timing
Julie Janvore, Institut Curie/CNRS, Subcellular Structure and Cellular Dynamics

Emerging induced pluripotent stem cell applications in drug discovery
Rainer Heller, Greiner Bio-One

Multiplexed high-content hepatotoxicity assays using iPSC-derived hepatocytes
Vanessa Ott, Cellular Dynamics International; Oksana Sirenko, Molecular Devices

Using high-throughput RNAi screening to identify cellular factors involved in host-pathogen interactions
Sara Cherry, University of Pennsylvania Department of Microbiology

Using stem cell-derived neurons in high-content screening assays for drug toxicity
Susan DeLaura, Cellular Dynamics International

Identification of selective inhibitors of the STAT3 signaling pathway
Paul Johnston, University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy

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