I cannot get the meaning of a metamorph journal

Our nikon spinning disc has a big Ti-Z stage and a small Physik Z stage. The Physik Z stage was located in the upper middle of Ti-Z stage.

The metamorph has a journal named Tongueiezo activate. This journal is used to reset the Z to the original position.

The journal has the following steps. Sometimes I need to click the journal button twice to make effect, sometimes just one click is enough. I have inserted this journal to another journal as a step, but I worried that I cannot make sure that every run could take effect at this journal step.

So I need to modify this journal so that everytime it reset the Z to a absolute Z position in the Physik Z-stage.

I' m not very clear about the role of following steps, can someone help to explain them, Thanks.


Step 0.
Select Focus Device: Physik Z

Step 1.
AssignVariable "Component.Yokogawa_Disk_Speed.Position" = 5000
(I thought this step move the Physik Z to a position with fixed distance to the underlying Ti-Z stage baseplate?)

Step 2.
AssignVariable "PiezoFocusPosition" = "Device.Focus.CurPos"
(get the position of current Physik Z?)

Step 3.
Move to a Relative Position: 1
(move the Physik Z down 1 um?)

Step 4.
AssignVariable "PiezoFocusPositionNew" = "Device.Focus.CurPos"
(get the position of new current Physik Z?)

Step 5.
If PiezoFocusPositionNew - PiezoFocusPosition) <1.0"
then FunctionName="Focus Servo Mode On

Step 6.
Move to a Relative Position 300
(why goes to +300 um? How can it reach 300 um? In fact when I make MDA, the z-adjusting by clicking button cannot go further beyong 125um, so I have to run this journal to reset to 0 if it goes near 125 um)

Step 7.
Move to a Relative Position -125
(why goes to -125 um?)

Step 8.
Reset Origin
(set the 300 um position in step 7 as Z=0?)
Please send the journal as well as the software system ID and software version to our normal support address Support.DTN@MolDev.com. If you do not know the software system ID look at http://mdc.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/19338


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